Noel Jones

Over 40 years of experience.

There is not much that Noel hasn’t done during his over 40 years at the top of his craft. His eye for framing, beauty and detail is unsurpassed, only the cameras have changed, and his friendly enthusiasm for his work is infectious.


Noel was First employed by HSV7 in 1971 working with the News Dept where he rose through the ranks to be Chief cameraman.


In 1980 lured by the opportunity to become involved in documentary work, moved to the 10 network to shoot News features.


In 1984 Noel Jones was invited to join LEMAC FILMS by the late John Bowring ACS and worked alongside John for 6 years, filming documentaries, commercials, network promotions and corporate productions.


Noel has been freelance since 1990 and has worked nearly every day since.

Noels only blemish is his obsession with fishing

Noel Jones
Noel Jones
Noel Jones

Noel’s Awards

Dramitised Documentary
• Lawsons Australia – Gold

• CSIRO – Gold
• Containers Packaging – Gold
• B.P. Uniforms – Gold
• Meridith Collection – Silver
• Air Naurus Pacific – Silver


Training & Education
• Sexual Harassment – Silver


News Features
• Wilderness Air – Gold


T.V. Magazine
• Frog Watch – Silver
• Quambatook – Silver

Noel has won numerous awards for his work shooting stunning imagery which has taken him around the globe. He has a love of still photography too.
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Noel Jones Still Photography

It’s what Noel sees through the lens that sets him apart as you can see below.

Noel Jones Photography